World Sphere Taiko offers made-to-order stands in a variety of sizes and styles.
Call or email for pricing and details.

Shime Taiko

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Shime Daiko
Tachi dai (high)
Suwari dai (floor)

Okedo Daiko
Tsuri dai (adjustable height)

Chu Daiko
Shikaku dai (flat)
Naname dai (angled)
Yatai/Miyake dai combo stand

Cradle stand (high)
Yatai/Miyake dai combo stand

Hira Daiko
Cradle Stand
Hanging Stand

Practice Drums
Practice Stand

All stands come with a 30 day money back guarantee* Stands are made to order and can be shipped worldwide. Stand orders require a 25% deposit with the balance due upon delivery.

*excluding damage due to misuse.