Okedo Daiko

okedo black 1

Okedo Daiko

Okedo Daiko Are light weight and often used with a shoulder strap to accommodate dancing and movement on stage during performances.

World Sphere okedo daiko are made in traditional Japanese fashion with grade A vertical grain cedar staves, hardwood banding for extra strength of the body, and hand stitched double row rawhide heads.

Every okedo daiko comes with a shoulder strap. Stands are also available.

Okedo Natural

Okedo Natural




okedo banding

Okedo banding

Okedo can be made in many sizes, from very small to odaiko size.

For okedo sizes not listed, please call or email us for a price quote!

18.5” head x 18.5” height  (47 cm. x 47cm.)  13 lbs. (approximate)  $850 (USD)

All drums come with a 30 day money back guarantee* Drums are made to order and can be shipped worldwide. Drum orders require a $300 deposit with the balance due upon delivery.

 *excluding damaged skins and body due to misuse.