I have been playing World Sphere taiko drums for my entire career as a taiko teacher and performer, and I can honestly say, they only get better and better. The craftsmanship, quality, and care that Dan puts into every aspect of each drum he makes cannot be equalled. If you want to know you’re getting top quality, look no further than World Sphere. Rannoch Purcell – founder Taiko Zentrum Deutschland & Crespi Celt Taiko.

Taiko groups/artists who are World Sphere Taiko Drums customers and other taiko-related resources:

Ronin Taiko
South Florida traditional Japanese group. Ronin also run the Wadaiko Taiko Academy. A large number of Ronin’s taiko are from World Sphere.

Tsukasa Taiko
One of World Sphere’s biggest customers, Tsukasa Taiko / Taiko legacy run a program of Asian improvisational arts in Chicago, USA and offer taiko drum instruction, education, and performances.

Taiko Zentrum Deutschland
The first school of American Taiko in Germany. Also includes performance groups “Oni Taiko” (the first high school taiko group in Germany) and “Senjin Taiko.”
TZD offers classes, workshops and performances in the Baden-Württemberg/Bavaria area. Performance taiko are exclusively from World Sphere.

Crespi Carmelite Celt Taiko
The first college accredited high school taiko group in America. Celt Taiko of Los Angeles, CA, USA was founded by Rannoch Purcell (also founder of Taiko Zentrum Deutschland) and uses World Sphere taiko drums exclusively.

Taiko Project
One of the world’s premiere Taiko groups, and widely regarded as American Taiko at it’s best, Taiko Project are based out of Los Angeles and fuse taiko with many modern styles of music. Taiko Project are also a frequent World Sphere customer.

Cal State Northridge “Jishin Taiko”
Jishin Taiko are based out of California State University Northridge and offer classes, workshops and concerts. The group was grounded by Joel Mankey, a former member of Taiko Project and well-respected Taiko Sensei. Jishin uses World Sphere Taiko exclusively.

Kenny Endo
Widely regarded as the “World’s best taiko player,” Kenny Endo has devoted his life and career to Japanese music and taiko drumming. Endo Sensei runs a school of taiko in Hawaii, and tours/performs regularly both as a soloist and with his Hawaii-based group “Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble.” When touring the West Coast of America, Endo Sensei often rents World Sphere taiko drums for his performances.