Hira Daiko

Hira daiko are often the first choice for a taiko group’s biggest drum. Hira daiko are easier to transport and can fit through smaller doors than traditional Nagado-shaped odaiko, and still have the high volume, ring and big bass sound of a very large odaiko.

World Sphere hira daiko are made from North American white ash wood. This wood has a very similar molecular structure and look to the traditional keyake wood used in Japan for centuries. It is an excellent wood chosen for superior tone and big, throaty bass sound.

Our hira daikos are made using spline joint block construction. They are precision machine turned on a lathe inside and out to achieve the most even and high volume tone.

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30 inches (76 cm.)  $2500.00 (USD)  [90 lbs. (40.8 kg.)]   16.5 inches (42 cm.)

35 inches (90 cm.)  $3400.00 (USD)  [110 lbs. (50 kg.)]  19 inches (58.5 cm.)

42 inches (107 cm.)  $4800.00 (USD)  [180 lbs. (81.6 kg.)]  23 inches (58.5 cm.)

48 inches (122 cm.)  $5900.00 (USD)  [225 lbs. (102 kg.)]  27 inches (68.5 cm.)

54 inches (137 cm.)  $7200.00 (USD)  [300 lbs. (136 kg.)]  30 inches  (76 cm)

Hira Daiko

Hira Daiko

All drums come with a 30 day money back guarantee*
Drums are made to order and can be shipped worldwide. Drum orders require a $300 deposit with the balance due upon delivery.

 *excluding damaged skins and body due to misuse.